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Evolve helps you improve your focus...

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Improve focus with

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Improve your productivity

With better focus, comes better productivity. With our guided audios, you can sharpen your mind and achieve more everyday.

Prime your mind for success

With our app, you can condition your mind and body to be the best version of yourself before an important event, be it at work, an exam or a job interview.

Clear your distraction and blockages

Distractions are common. With Evolve, learn the skill of responding better to distraction, setting thoughts and processing one thought at a time for better concentration.

The science of focus

Why aren't we able to focus?

Sometimes, our mind gets overwhelmed by thoughts or easily distracted in the surroundings. Concentration on the task at hand drops, we get fidgety and restless, and we start to switch from app to app on our phone without any thought. The sounds and smell around may be distracting and we’re unable to focus. In anticipation of an important event or meeting, we are flustered and unable to compose ourselves, being unable to put our best foot forward. Focus is a skill that needs polishing at all times, no matter what.

How to improve focus?

We believe that you can achieve more and do better when your mind and body are balanced. With our app, which have a variety of proven techniques, you can:

  • Prepare your mind physiologically to do better
  • Sharpen your mind and increase productivity
  • Reduce stressful and anxious thoughts to settle yourself
  • Pay attention to your breathing and clear your mind
  • Respond better to distractions and deal with them positively
  • Set goals and objectives that are realistic and achievable

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