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It is normal to get distracted while working or completing a particular task. Focus and concentration levels drop for everyone from time to time during the day. With work from home, social media and so many distractions around you, it’s only natural! At such a time, it’s important to have high concentration levels to boost productivity. This is where concentration meditation can help you improve focus and concentration!

There are a variety of concentration meditation techniques you can try when you’re unable to focus. Here are simple ways to practice concentration meditation on your desk, bed or anywhere you’re comfortable at home!

How to practice concentration meditation

  1. Desk mindfulness
  2. Settle your thoughts
  3. Quiet meditation

Desk mindfulness

A simple concentration meditation practice which you can try while seated at your desk at work! Look around your desk and find an object of your choice. Look at it with intent and purpose and focus on it wholly. Notice its shape, colour & hold it to feel its texture. Stay in the moment and if any unrelated thoughts arise, acknowledge them and let them go. It’s a simple way to refresh your mind, get a few minutes of mindfulness into your day and concentrate better.

Settle your thoughts

One more easy way of practicing concentration meditation! You can stay seated or stand while doing this meditation. Take a deep breath and look around the room. Find an object you’d like to focus on that is your clear vision. Make that object the focus of your meditation for the next few minutes. Slowly start to stare at it and do it so that everything around you goes blurry. Keep your focus on the object and nothing else. Every time a thought comes into your mind, notice it and let it go. Do that for every thought that comes into your mind. You have the power to control and settle your thoughts. 

This meditation helps you respond to distractions, balances your mind and gives you a break from all the thoughts running in your head. 

Quiet meditation

A more traditional way of practicing concentration meditation, this is equally effective at improving your concentration!

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place in your house, whatever works for you.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes or for how much every time you want to meditate.
  • Ensure you are feeling totally relaxed and comfortable, from your posture to your clothes!
  • Slowly close your eyes and relax your eyelids and don’t strain anything in your body. Stay loose from head to toe. Start to slowly focus on your breath and if you’re not comfortable with that, focus on a thought or object in your mind. If it is an object, visualise it and look at it properly.
  • For the next few minutes, concentrate on what you picked with intent and purpose. Stay relaxed, don’t change your natural breathing and keep your focus going.
  • If you get distracted due to sounds around you, or thoughts coming into your head, no problem. Acknowledge the sound or thoughts and go back to concentrating. 
  • If you notice a sensation in your body or a certain feeling, don’t react to it. Notice it, accept it and let it go. Your body will correct itself in case it feels any discomfort too!

Do this for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or whatever you’re comfortable with. As long as you’re practicing awareness and staying in the present moment with every thought and feeling, you’re improving your concentration. This meditation is a little more advanced and you can always try a guided meditation for this activity! Evolve’s guided audios are bite-sized and joyful, allowing you to improve your concentration and set aside distractions with ease.

Concentration meditation and focus

Concentration meditation is a great way to boost your concentration, improve attention span and response to distractions. Couple it with good food, proper lifestyle habits and tips, and a better understanding of distractions and you can really improve your concentration and memory power!

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