How To Increase Concentration Power in 4 Simple Ways

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Ancient wisdom believes that concentration is the secret to great success. Now even modern studies prove that increasing concentration power can help you increase productivity and attention span thereby leading to better performance & improved brain development. However, how do you increase your own concentration power? Here are some simple yet powerful hacks.

How to increase concentration power

  1. Prepare a distraction free environment
  2. Eat the right food
  3. Consider napping in the afternoon
  4. Play memory games

Prepare a distraction free environment. If you want to focus and increase concentration power, create proper boundaries and a distraction free environment. When you are starting a work session, lock your door and put your phone away. Do everything in your capabilities to stay distraction free. As per a study, it takes you 23 minutes on average to refocus on a task after you respond or check an email or text. Hence, a distraction free environment is key.

Eat the right food. The food you eat helps you refresh, stay energized and gives your brain fuel to perform better. There are certain foods that help you focus, increase concentration power and achieve more! They contain certain proteins and vitamins that can help you get that little extra. These include berries, grilled white meat, yoghurt and even coffee. In fact, drinking a cup or two of coffee everyday can help stimulate your brain and help you stay alert.

Consider napping in the afternoon. Naps are a great way to give yourself a break and reset your focus. In fact, It will help you restore mental alertness, give your brain some time to rest and you can come back to your work all guns blazing. However, ensure you nap at the right time. You want to increase concentration power and not feel drowsy the whole day instead. Moreover, napping has many other benefits that you should definitely consider, if you often feel tired or lose motivation in the middle of the day.

Play memory and thought based games. One of the face of it, it feels recreational, but there are many benefits to this. Playing online games such as Among Us, Codewords or other games such as chess and sudoku activate your brain and improve critical thinking. Moreover, in all these games you need to be thinking one step ahead of your opponent, which requires uninterrupted focus and concentration. Consider using your breaks or free time to play these games in order to increase your concentration power.

These hacks are a great place to start if you’re looking to increase your concentration power, be it for studies or work. It will sharpen your mind, improve your diet too and lead to better focus.

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