7 Benefits of Meditation For Your Mind and Body

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Understanding the benefits of meditation

What is meditation?

Meditation is a way you can help your mind concentrate and focus on one particular activity, thought or object in order to achieve a calm and clear state. It also helps you get in touch with your mind and body. Meditation allows you to clear your head, feel emotions freely and it can be done anywhere, any time while making you happier. But what are the main benefits of meditation?

Here are 7 benefits of meditation for your mind and body:

  1. Stress relief
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Sleep better
  4. Reduce anger
  5. Improve focus
  6. Improve memory
  7. Increase happiness

Stress relief. One of the key benefits of meditation is stress-relief. It is known to reduce and relieve stress within your body. The downtime meditation provides to your body is extremely important in reducing stress. Moreover, it soothes your nervous system as meditation helps in decreasing the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Moreover, it increases production of feel good chemicals, such as serotonin. 

Reduce anxiety. A big benefit of meditation is that it helps you control anxiety. Meditation allows your mind to relax, calm down and keeps you mindful. This helps bring balance to your emotions, leading to reduction of anxiety. When practiced regularly, another meditation causes the part of your brain that controls anxiety to shrink. Meditation helps you navigate your thoughts and help your brain focus in the present, giving you respite from anxious thoughts.

Sleep better. Sleep is a key function and we need it every day. A benefit of regular meditation is relaxation of your body and mind, reduction of stress and anxiety, leading to improved quality of sleep. Meditation helps you unclutter your mind and get rid of racing thoughts, keeping you in a peaceful state of mind. This allows for a good night’s sleep.

Reduce anger. Nobody likes to be angry, so why not try and temper your temper? Meditation helps us find a peaceful and calm state of mind. When you focus on your breathing or your surroundings, you become mindful and present in the moment. A benefit of meditation is that it spreads positivity through your body and mind, builds compassion and helps you control and reduce your anger.

Improve focus. Improving your focus is another benefit of meditation. When you meditate, you focus your mind to a particular thought, object or breath. It helps every time your mind may start to wander, and translates into real life as well. If you get distracted during work by a message or your surroundings, meditation helps. You can come back and focus on the task at hand quicker and better. If you feel your mind floating away, a simple meditation break can help restore your attention. Regular meditation helps you focus.

Improve memory. A benefit of meditation is improved memory. When you meditate and practice it regularly, the cerebral cortex of your brain blooms. It deals with mental functions such as knowledge, memory and concentration. When you meditate regularly, you give your brain clarity and allow for better blood flow, leading to better memory capacity. Moreover, you become more mindful when meditating, allowing for better recall and memory.

Increase happiness. The benefits of meditation are plenty, but the most important one is happiness. Meditation helps produce enhancing chemicals into your nervous system and reduces the size of the brain’s anxiety center. This helps constructive thoughts flow into your head and helps you stay in a calm and clear state of mind. This helps you stay happier all around!

Meditation is different for each person, but has long-standing benefits when practiced habitually! You can do it any time, anywhere and help your mind and body find balance during chaotic moments of life. We’ve listed only a few benefits, but there’s so much more that meditation can help with. If you wish to try it out, our guided audios are designed for exactly that, and more. The Evolve app is now live globally on Android & Apple, click here to try for free!

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