Understanding Guided Meditation and its Benefits

Guided meditation is practiced with the help of an expert via audio or video.

What is guided meditation?

Guided Meditation is the process of meditation in response to guidance provided by a trained individual, either in person or virtually through sound recording, verbal instruction, audiovisual media or written text. Meditation has its benefits, but what about guided meditation?

Why should you consider it?

Guided meditation helps you understand the intricacies of your delicate mind 

Whenever you start out a new activity, it is best that an expert takes you through the first steps of the process. Meditation is no different, and that’s where guided meditation comes into the picture. Your mind is extremely delicate & navigating its intricacies requires hand-holding which this provides.

Guided meditation helps you grasp the fundamentals 

One of the biggest benefits of guided meditation is that it helps you understand the basics of meditation. It sets you on the correct path of meditation which can change your life and bring satisfaction and happiness among many other benefits.

Guided meditation helps you choose a regime that works for you

A benefit of guided meditation is that the process will help you understand the subtleties of your mind and its responses to meditation, along with different ways and techniques that work for you. Also your guided partner will help you simplify these techniques and apply it to your daily life. This makes you more mindful and improve your mind, body and soul.

It’s effortless and simple!

One of the main benefits of guided meditation is how easy it is! It doesn’t require much effort either. Meditation is incredibly enjoyable and helpful but involves effort from your end and keeping your mind focused. With this, you are guided into a state of calm through spoken word, audio cues or visual stimuli. This makes guided meditation simple and effortless. 

Guided meditation ensures your mind does not wander

A key benefit is that it stops your mind from wandering. When listening to an audio, you are guided through the journey and told exactly what to picture. This helps you meditate better and keeps your focus in the moment. This is beneficial because it helps you maintain your focus. At times, you may struggle to do that with unguided meditation. The hand-holding, the visual cues and constant direction help your mind from wandering and stay present in the moment.

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Guided meditation has more variety

When you meditate on your own, there are very few variations. You may be aware of only a few techniques and it can soon get repetitive. That’s why guided meditation is beneficial to you. Imagine having the option of trying out different techniques everyday and learning new ways to stay mindful. Moreover, this allows you to do exactly that with various techniques including deep breathing, visualisation, holding space and anchoring techniques. Hence, this variety ensures you aren’t bored, always engaged and learning new and different ways to stay mindful.

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Clear your mind

Key benefits of guided meditation include clarity of mind. When you are meditating with the help of an expert, they help you take your mind on a journey of focus. This leads you to clear and declutter your mind, and put racing thoughts at ease. The benefit of guided meditation is the entire process is being controlled by your guide, so your mind stop wandering and you can focus on tasks at hand very easily. 

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The power of visualisation

A major benefit is that it unlocks the power of your imagination and visualisation to help your personal growth! One of the main reasons why guided meditation may be more powerful than unguided meditation, and why you should consider it.

During a guided meditation, you transcend into a deep state of calm. Guided audios, like the ones available on Evolve urge you to visualise your thoughts and help you relax with imagery limited to just your imagination. Its benefits include mindfulness, reducing anger and anxiety and has a calming effect on your mind and body.

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Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduction in stress and anxiety are great benefits of this practice. When you meditate, you are in a tranquil state of mind, relaxing your mind and body. As you feel calmer and clearer, positive thoughts flow through your body. As a result, this helps vanish any worries you may have. Your mind becomes happier and your body loosens up, letting go of any tension. Guided meditation helps you be more mindful and present in the moment, where you can appreciate your breath, your body and everything that’s good! As a result, your stress and anxiety can be managed. When you practice it regularly, a benefit is overall increase of happiness and making it easier to overcome stress and anxiety.

Connect with yourself

Guided meditation helps you stay mindful. Mindfulness is the process of deliberately bringing your focus and attention to experiencing the present and staying connected without judgement. 

A key benefit of this practice – how it makes you stay in the present moment and really rest. You appreciate what’s around and within you, and hence, you connect with yourself. It increases your appreciation for your mind and body, helps you enter a deep state of relaxation, and brings your mind back to balance. 

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Guided meditation has many more benefits, including performance, physical and physiological benefits. As a result, it helps your mind stay clear and happy, and is a simple yet effective way of meditating, guided through the entire process with an expert. You can meditate with our guided audios and help yourself improve holistically and create a better you. 

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