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The need for sleep is real. But there’s an even bigger need. A need to sleep fast. You would love if you fell asleep the moment your head hit the pillow, wouldn’t you? When feeling sleepy, it’s ideal if you could sleep fast without any worry rather than constantly twisting and turning in your bed. However, there are certain tips and tricks you can try to sleep fast in 5 minutes. They help quieten your body and mind, switch off for the day and get faster sleep. You may not always fall asleep in 5 minutes, but it’ll give you a much better chance of sleeping fast.

4 ways to sleep fast in 5 minutes

  1. Breathing exercises for sleep
  2. Meditation
  3. No screen time at night
  4. Listen to calming music

Breathing exercises for sleep. Breathing exercises are a great way to sleep fast in 5 minutes. You can manipulate your breathing, thereby controlling your vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in your body. As a result, your body starts to feel sleepy and ready to switch off for the day. There are a couple of breathing exercises that are very good for your sleep and you can try them every night. They are 4-7-8 breathing, box breathing and another called belly breathing. In fact, all of Evolve’s sleep audios include a breathing exercise to help you sleep fast.

Meditation. Meditation is a natural and proven way to fall asleep faster. It helps you switch off for the day, reduce stress and allow your mind to relax. It’s a simple way to balance and allow yourself to get some good sleep. Meditation has a lot of benefits and can even help insomnia and other sleep disorders. You can try guided meditation audios as well, in case you’re new to it!  Evolve’s guided sleep meditations help you switch off for the day, sleep fast and get good quality sleep.

No screen time at night. Stay away from TV and mobile phones late at night. Binge-watching content late at night stimulates your brain and the blue light emission keeps you awake and alert. You end up processing what you’ve watched or seen on Instagram, keeping your mind awake. As a result, your body and mind does not switch off but stays up. You are unable to get a sound sleep. By avoiding TV and watching content at night, you allow yourself to wind down for the night without a worry and enjoy deep sleep.

Calming music. One of the best ways to sleep fast in 5 minutes. This is because listening to calming deep sleep music helps you relax, wind down and allows your brain to switch off. Put on sounds of the rain, waves of the ocean or a soothing breeze. These sounds are known to create restful sleep and hence, help you sleep better. You will feel relaxed, happy and ready to drift into your dreams. 

However, these tips alone won’t help you sleep fast in 5 minutes. You need to follow a proper sleep routine, sleep at the same time everyday, eat the right food and follow a good lifestyle to allow yourself to sleep on time and get good sleep. 

Evolve’s joyful guided audios are free and help you sleep faster and better every night. Try a joyful visualisation with ‘sunset on a beach‘; ‘sleep with a smile‘ and enjoy happy thoughts; relax and drift off into your dreams ‘after a netflix binge‘ or ‘switch off for the day‘ when you’re tired and stressed Whatever you need to sleep fast, we have it. Download the app today!

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